Welcome to The Good Box family. Thank you for your interest in helping The Good Box provide dignity to people experiencing homelessnes. Organisations like ours cannot make an impact on our communities without consistent support from partners, sponsors and volunteers.

Our partner guide is designed to help you understand how we can support each other, but more than that, create a long standing relationship to improve the lives of our friends. To be a partner of The Good Box means you would directly influence the 1,000+ Good Boxes being packed and distributed by our volunteers each week.

So if you want to understand how we can work together to change the lives of our most vulnerable, keep reading!

Our Impact

Supporting The Good Box provides an opportunity for you to make a difference in our community. Here are some ways you are contributing

People experiencing homelessness:

  • Free high-quality essential items in a beautiful gift box
  • Reduction in isolation and depression
  • Increased dignity and confidence to accept help from other service providers


  • Opportunity to give back to the community
  • Gain a sense of belonging through consistent shifts with other like minded members of society
  • Opportunity to dispel myths about homelessness and spread awareness


Charity Partners:

The Good Box fills a gap for charities who do not have the funding or resources to provide essential items which are fully sorted and packaged, ready to give. 99% of our charity partners say that our Good Boxes allow them to build trusting relationships with their guests, enabling them to provide more support than they could previously.

An engaged and impact-driven partnership

As a young organisation, your partnership means the world to us and will bring significant impact. We are dedicated to working with you to define joint opportunities, develop engagement with your staff and community and support your branding needs.









What we look for in a partnership

  • Alignment with a brand that has similar values
  • A genuine desire to engage and not just to ‘tick a box’
  • Developing tailored business and fundraising campaigns / activities
  • A strong sense of collaboration
  • Demonstrated capacity to provide leadership in corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices that enhance stakeholder engagement
Partnership Benefit National Support Local Support Part Local Support

Value (per annum)

300,000 100,000 30,000
Duration 2 Year 1 Year 1 Year
No. of Good Boxes (per year)




No. of Charities supported (per year)




PR/Media/Social Content

I.e. partnership launch, significant event, joint projects




Content Creation

Video or photo assets

Y Y  

Key milestone content (homelessness week etc)

Partner specific to highlight your impact

Y Y  

TGB Website Recognition

Primary position Y Y

Skilled Volunteering

Project based, using your skills to help TGB


Asset Naming

Good Boxes


Founder Keynote

(valued at 5k)

Y Y  

Impact reports


In-kind support

Skilled volunteering time, goods or services


Product co-branding

(volunteer t-shirts)


Team volunteering / box packing session