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  • For virtual programs, we encourage each staff member to pay for the box donation themselves and the company pays for the program cost
  • For virtual education programs we cannot send box packages for teams to pack but rather we pack it for you but each box will be donated in a team members name (each team member will also get a chance to write a virtual note for those experiencing homelessness)
  • Virtual programs are 60 minutes and are done over zoom (we will send you the link)
  • We don’t encourage more than 40 participants for virtual programs but there is a heavily discounted rate for multiple virtual programs after the initial one
  • 1 program cost = $450 + one box donated in each staff members name is encouraged (Boxes = $20)

Face to face programs 

– $50 per person (includes box per person)

– Min 30 people and Max 60 people 

– Programs are run by 2 + members of The Good Box team 

– Discounted rate after initial program if there are several programs on one day 

– We can be flexible so get in touch and we can work out something that works for us all!

– All programs outside of Brisbane will be held at the company itself 

– The Good Box team will arrive early to set up the box packing materials (a large room with tables is needed for this). Staff will each be able to pack their own box for those experiencing homelessness. The Good Box team deals with all logistics with the box. Box materials are sent prior to the program and we ask the business to store this for us in a safe place. Boxes are picked up from the business by a courier afterwards to take it to a charity and we asked this to be stored in the school reception or another safe place for the courier. 

– If Face to Face program is in Brisbane – this will be held at Orange Sky Australia HQ

– We will send updates of the impact of the boxes