You can purchase a box by heading to our shop page on our website and following the prompts. Please make sure to read everything clearly so you don’t miss anything. Whilst purchasing the box, there will be a section that asks you to write a note for someone experiencing homelessness. Notes are handwritten by The Good Box team and are placed in the box in order to help make someone’s day. 

You will get asked how you want your box to be delivered. If you want to give the box DIRECTLY to someone experiencing homelessness, then click ‘Deliver box to my house or work and give it directly’, this will go to the address you have provided. If you want your box to go directly to a charity in need then please tick ‘please donate my box to a good box charity to distribute’. Your box will be sent to one of our charity partners most in need at the time. You will automatically be subscribed to our newsletter in order to keep you up to date with where your box purchase went and the impact it made (you can opt out at any time).