Being educated on social issues is something that is important not just for youth but for adults as well. So often we can underplay the importance of factual knowledge on homelessness. How many actual facts and statistics do you know? How many people experiencing homelessness have you spoken with? The Good Box is a social enterprise that aims to connect society to those experiencing homelessness and abolish the misconceptions surrounding this social issue.

Our education sessions for both schools and corporates help to highlight some important facts and figures that are often left out of the discussion. Did you know that the majority of homelessness in Australia is NOT caused by drugs and alcohol? Did you know that it is very HARD and COMPLICATED to get centrelink? Did you know that many people experiencing homelessness have degrees or have had jobs in the past? 

Our programs help to answer these questions and break down misconceptions one by one.

School education programs 

Our highly interactive facilitated program is designed to engage and educate students on the important social issue of homelessness as well as social entrepreneurship and forward thinking. By the end of the program students will have contributed positively to the community by donating boxes and writing notes for people experiencing homelessness. The Good Box program teaches values such as empathy, understanding, communication, respect and kindness. Our face-face programs allow students to pack Good Boxes that are then donated to people experiencing homelessness, they also get to write a personal hand written note to someone experiencing homelessnes.

Our virtual program offers the same interactive education session except instead of packing boxes, students are encouraged to donate a box in their name (we pack the boxes for them) and they still get an opportunity to write a beautiful note (just virtually!).

Corporate engagement programs 

We have joined forces with national homelessness charity Orange Sky Australia to provide businesses with a 60-minute team building program to educate and engage staff members. Your staff will have the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of homelessness, including breaking down the common misconceptions and pack boxes filled with goodies in order to help those doing it tough. This a new way to engage your employees and increase team morale with Corporate Social Responsibility in mind.

We have introduced live virtual programs to adapt to the changing environment which is the same as the face to face program besides for the opportunity of packing boxes (we encourage everyone to still donate a box in their name).

If you are wanting to really engage your students or staff is something different, exciting and impactful then get in touch with Gali or Maddy at to find out more.