What We Do

We make boxes filled with good stuff for you to purchase and give to someone experiencing homelessness or hardship. Find out the different ways you can buy your box. Not only are you seeing the direct impact by brightening someone’s day with a beautifully packaged gift, this idea encourages conversations and aims to change our perceptions of homelessness one box at a time.


Homelessness in Australia is getting worse. Tonight 116,427 people will be homeless in Australia. That’s a 14 per cent increase over 5 years and census data suggests this is only going to get worse. A huge issue for those experiencing homelessness is a feeling of isolation. According to the Queensland Government, people experience social isolation for a variety of reasons such as discrimination, lack of employment, being homeless or generally being in situations where they feel like their ideas and opinions are not valued. Social isolation can lead to very serious mental and physical health risks.

There are also many misconceptions when it comes to homelessness and our national survey proved this to be very true. There is a lack of education when it comes to communities understanding homelessness which adds to the evident issues of social isolation within homeless communities.

Myth Busting

Each box tells a true story of a person experiencing homelessness. There is no hard and fast answer as to why people become homeless. Homelessness is multi-faceted and not linked back to any one reason.

24% of homelessness in Australia is caused by domestic and family violence (Homelessness Australia, 2016).

Combating isolation with a simple conversation

Isolation is a huge problem for those experiencing homelessness and this often makes a bad situation even worse. According to the new study in the journal – Perspectives on Psychological Science, social isolation has a massive impact on our mental health. In fact, it increases our mortality rate by 34%. Social isolation is literally killing us and we believe that as a community we can fix this! Giving a box will most importantly be a vehicle to a conversation that will help break barriers and brighten up someone’s day. A simple conversation can change a life and it only takes one small moment to do that.