Combating isolation with a simple conversation

Homelessness in Australia is getting worse. Tonight, 116,427 people will be homeless in Australia. That’s a 14 per cent increase over 5 years and census data suggests this is only going to get worse.

A huge issue for those experiencing homelessness is the feeling of isolation, which can lead to very serious mental and physical health risks.

“Homelessness is synonymous with loneliness, isolation, lack of social support. Once a person or family finds themselves without permanent housing, it can be difficult or even impossible to get reconnected with a social network. And those social linkages are key to remaining tethered to the fabric of society. Access to jobs, safety and physical and mental health all rely on the ability to connect meaningfully with others”.
Eva M. Witesman, Ph.D. is an expert in strategic planning and evidence-based innovation.

Fast Facts

  • Based on our national survey, The Good Box community wants to help those experiencing homelessness but aren’t sure how – they have concerns about giving money and where their money goes.
  • Additionally, some people have misconceptions about homelessness and therefore choose to ignore those in need.
  • In turn, the homeless community experience a lot of isolation which leads to depression and other mental health issues, making it harder to improve their living situation.

The Good Box is fixing this!