Welcome to The Good Box

The Good Box is a social enterprise that sells great boxes filled with good stuff, for the public to purchase and give DIRECTLY to those experiencing homelessness. Good Boxes are designed in consultation with those experiencing homelessness and contain essentials to survive and non-essentials to surprise.

The idea behind The Good Box is twofold; on one hand it is more than just a box, it is a vehicle to a conversation. The homeless community often feel isolated so giving a box allows you to spark up a conversation, or even just share a smile or say hello. This can really change someone’s life. On the other hand it is a transparent way to give – how often do you feel like you just want to help but you are hesitant to donate money because you are unsure of where that money goes? The Good Box is a great way to see exactly what you are giving and you can see the direct impact.

How you can help

It’s more than just a box

Each box tells a true story of a real person’s experience with homelessness. We do this to demonstrate that not everyone’s story is the same, homelessness is multi-faceted and not always linked back to one reason.

We understand that everyone may have different ways of approaching homelessness. That’s why we have provided you with 3 different options when purchasing a box:

Option 1. Buy a box from selected retail stores and give it directly to someone in need (coming soon!).
Option 2. Buy a box through our online store which gets delivered to you, for you to give to someone in need.
Option 3. Buy a box through our online store, write a personal note and let our amazing charity partners distribute it for you.

35% of our profits go to our Charity Partners. That means, a box will contribute towards more Orange Sky Vans, more women’s hygiene products for Share the Dignity and more funding for Jewish House to keep those off the streets that have fled from domestic violence. We believe that together as a community we can do great things. It’s time to make a change, time to make a difference. Let’s go!

Meet the Box Queens

Madelyn Jones

Co-box Queen

Madelyn (Mads) is a talented sports girl and an active member of her community. An Event Manager by trade, Mads is a total events boss and has headed up some large and prominent events across Australia.

She is a down-to-earth Sunshine Coast girl who loves the beach – you’ll probably see her rocking up to a meeting with hair wet after a surf. With a real passion for helping others, Mads believes The Good Box is just the beginning.

Gali Blacher

Co-box Queen

Gali (Galz) believes that all human beings deserve an equal chance and that if we all work together a big difference can be made. With a Bachelor In Media, Communications and Journalism, Galz was the Editor of a charity magazine and has written for well known publications about social causes, food, start ups and retail.

Gali is a social media guru, a content wizz and an active volunteer for different causes. You can find Galz missing her train stop with a book in one hand and coffee in the other.