Welcome to The Good Box

The Good Box is a for-purpose organisation that creates beautifully packaged gifts (boxes) to give to those experiencing homelessness as an alternative to giving money. You can give a box DIRECTLY to someone in need and have a chat, or donate a box through one of our charity partners with a personal note. This is a transparent and easy way of giving. The box is a vehicle to an important conversation to prevent isolation and helps those in need to accept or ask for assistance.

We also create education programs for schools and corporate organisations in order to abolish the misconceptions surrounding homelessness, which leads to a more understanding society and will ultimately break the barriers between those that are homeless and those that aren’t.

Our Mission

Our mission is to abolish misconceptions of those experiencing homelessness and create a more educated and understanding society while providing an easy, informative and transparent way of doing good.

Our Story

We worked together (Maddy & Gali) in the CBD of Sydney and noticed the extreme isolation experienced by those sleeping rough. We also noticed that some people wanted to be able to help those experiencing homelessness but didn’t know how, because giving money didn’t seem like the right thing to do as they were scared it would go towards drugs or alcohol. We also realised that some people didn’t want to help at all because they had preconceived ideas and stigmas about why people are homeless. Therefore, people were ignoring those living on the streets which was increasing the amount of isolation they faced every day, so the idea came about to provide those experiencing homelessness with a beautiful gift along with a conversation to brighten up their day. 

 Homelessness is multi-faceted and is not confined to those sleeping rough, so we knew that we also needed to establish relationships with homeless charities to provide boxes to those that aren’t as easily reached.

Meet the Co-founders

Madelyn Jones

Co-box Queen

Madelyn (Mads) is a talented sports woman and an active member of her community. An Event Manager by trade, Mads is a total events boss and has headed up some large and prominent events across Australia.

She is a down-to-earth Sunshine Coast girl who loves the beach – you’ll probably see her rocking up to a meeting with hair wet after a surf. With a real passion for helping others, Mads believes The Good Box is just the beginning.

Gali Blacher

Co-box Queen

Gali (Galz) believes that all human beings deserve an equal chance and that if we all work together a big difference can be made. With a Bachelor In Media, Communications and Journalism, Galz was the Editor of a charity magazine and has written for well known publications about social causes, food, start ups and retail.

Gali is a social media guru, a content wizz and an active volunteer for different causes. You can find Galz missing her train stop with a book in one hand and coffee in the other.